ABOUT Justin

Relationships. Accountability. Resilience.

Employee experience is defined as a holistic view of life at work, requiring constant feedback, action and monitoring. Improving the employee experience is at the heart of what I have been doing around the world for people in the military, government agencies and corporations for more than 10 years. 

I spent 12 years in the U.S. Navy as a Special Operations insertion/extraction specialist. My entire adult life was consumed with finding strategic, safe and impactful approaches to accomplish difficult tasks in the face of life-threatening danger. To realize success, SF teams need to have an extreme amount of empathy, leadership, agility, accountability, motivation and belief in the mission as well as each other. As a leader of these teams, it was my job to create an environment that exposed and refined those skills.

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During my military career I became an instructor for other Special Operations teams as well as young adults attempting to overcome the 90% attrition rate to enter those teams. Breaking through mental barriers in training proved to be too difficult for most students. In response to this, I developed a mindset development program that led to an 800% increase in graduation rates. I have trained more than 10,000 people in the areas mentioned above to ensure they were mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for hardship. After realizing the program’s effectiveness, I began teaching these principles to executives and teams in Fortune 1000 companies throughout the U.S., Europe, & India.

After starting this business in 2012 and transitioning from the Navy in 2015, my post-military career has created opportunities to develop executives and senior leaders in the art of enriching their teams, their lives and the employee experience. The programs used to deliver this message have consistently received overwhelmingly positive feedback. My main areas of focus are relationship building, accountability and ownership.