Executive Workshops


Relationship Building

This team-focused message, combined with a unique delivery was not learned in a classroom. The workshop implements tried, tested, and proven team-related principles and strategies from understanding what drives others in the military and in business. Understanding the value of the person standing next to you can change everything. This workshop will deliver a memorable and lasting impression that will inspire people both personally and professionally to become more effective in a team.

This half-day workshop is 3hrs.



Accountability is all about clarity. If a team can create clarity around expectations, capabilities, measuring success, feedback and consequences, then there is little room for error. I hope to provide participants with new tools and mechanisms for reducing ambiguities that cause confusion, miscommunication and failure. Ultimately, this program interweaves stories from the military with practical concepts and principles to illuminate how individuals and teams can learn how to adapt well to changes in the environment through being more accountable to themselves and others. 

This half-day workshop is 3hrs.

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Resilience is about knowing what you need, when you need it and leveraging your knowledge, skills, resources and relevant networks to learn from failure and drive forward. The goal with this workshop is to empower the future you that is rich in social capital, collaboration, trust and reciprocity.  I hope to assist you with learning how to build, access, and leverage a personal ecosystem of support through facilitating the interaction of people, ideas and resources.   The learnings can be applied to any aspect of one's life to bring balance back to your life..

This half-day workshop is 3hrs.