Relationship Building WOrkshop Overview

"The best managers encourage friendships in the workplace by creating the conditions under which relationships thrive"

The Tenth Element of Great Leadership

- Rodd Wagner & Jim Harter, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Workplace Management and Wellbeing for Gallup's workplace management practice. 

Coauthors of the New York Times bestsellers 12: The Elements of GreatManaging and Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements.

Radical Candor

Hour 1

During this first hour, the team will use large group discussions and small group conversations to explore:

  • Why and how this program was created, tested and validated with thousands of military and civilian leaders around the world

  • What their teams look like on good days and bad days

  • What drives the positive mindset of a Special Forces Operator through bad days

  • The concept of radical candor in business and military

  • Self awareness and how it affects your social intelligence

  • Finding a balance between confidence and humility while also knowing when to lean one direction or the other

Mercer | Sirota

Hour 2

During the second hour, the team will use large group discussions and one on one conversations to explore:

  • Three different mindsets in the workplace and how they affect one another

  • Belief systems and how they affect workplace behavior

  • The importance of the person standing next to you

  • Mercer | Sirota's perspective that employee's own their engagement at work when they know "who they are, what they value and where they want to be..." and I take it a step further to explore why this is important

  • The value of creating an environment that encourages active listening, awareness of body language, the importance of eye contact and the power of vulnerability


Hour 3

During the third hour we will use large group discussions and small group conversations to explore:

  • Current issues with teams in the workplace

  • The Heath brother's perspective from Switch about "riders, elephants and shaping the path"

  • How General Stanley McChrystal was able to increase employee engagement with a massive intercontinental team of thousands without increasing his budget or manpower

  • Potential solutions for issues using what was learned

  • Explore any additional topics identified throughout the program

  • Q & A