Resilience WOrkshop Overview

"Few organizations are taking advantage of this natural desire employees have to manage their own motivation at work."

Mercer | Sirota: Engaging Today's Workforce, Insights From 25 Years of Research

Ownership is an Adaptable Challenge

Hour 1

During this first hour, the team will use large group discussions and small group conversations to explore:

  • Why and how this program was created

  • Explore ownership as an adaptive challenge vs. a technical problem

  • How a lack of ownership can affect individual, team and organizational performance

  • How can ownership help employees achieve the Three Critical Needs (pg. 6)


Hour 2

During the second hour, the team will use large group discussions and one on one conversations to explore:

  • Explore how ownership requires commitment

  • Explore how attitude and effort are dependent on each other and how they affect one’s ability to stay committed

  • Exercise on understanding where your own attitude and effort cycle begins

  • Increasing your awareness / mindfulness of current commitments

  • How to adjust the environment to create the willingness to support each other


Hour 3

During the third hour we will use large group discussions and exercises to explore:

  • Understanding how resiliency directly impacts your ability to stay committed over time

  • Understanding your personal ability to bounce back when things go wrong

  • Learn how to build and manage an ecosystem of support

  • Practice your ability to be resilient

  • Q & A